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It Could Happen To You from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Cart - The Film from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Fashionably Healthy from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Girls Club from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Fly Girls - Rolling Hills Casino from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Talented , creative and inspiring, Anna Brown has been celebrating her success in the industry for many years. Starting at a very young age Anna has sought out to learn all there is to know about makeup. Starting out at a makeup counter in high school and being one of the first people hired to Estee Lauder under the age of 18 because of her dedication and passion, she quickly picked up how to cater to women’s individual needs. Her undeniable passion and talent in makeup was quickly recognized and before she knew it she was being enticed to join the National Artist team for E.L. but had to decline in order to finish high school. Quickly after graduating high school she furthered her career by attending Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, graduating with a Masters Certificate in Beauty, High Fashion, Character and Special Effects makeup. She continues to pursue her artistic expressions through industry opportunities.

Anna has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects ranging from, fashion shows, music videos, tv shows, editorials, weddings, proms, award shows, and red carpet events. She is known for her unique ability to customize each individuals foundation and to create any look desired. Her passion lies in making women feel beautiful, whether simple day-to-day wear to evening dramatic, her personal success is weighed in how the woman feels when she looks in the mirror. She learned how to take criticism and used it to help perfect her work.

Currently employed as a MAC freelance artist.

Some of her makeup work includes:
MTV circulated music videos
VH1 tv show
LA Fashion Week
A makeup feature on
Celebrity Clients
Short Films
Feature Films

Upper Hand Athletics- Fitness video
Brent Smith Lifestyles- Promo video
Bunim Murray-Old Skool for VH1
“Opus”- MMM Productions, LLC.
“Not That Funny” -Directed by Lauralee Farrer
“Cart”- Film by Jesse Rosten

Redding Medical Center
Mt. Shasta Medical Center
Rolling Hills Casino
Win River Casino
Oregon Dental Association "teach me how to brushy"

Music Videos
Beirut- “Elephant Gun” (Character Makeup) Circulated on MTV
Myriad- “You Waste Time Like a Grandfather Clock” Circulated on MTV
Airborne Toxic Event- “Sometime Around Midnight” Circulated on MTV
Westley Jensen- "Building houses"

Fashion Shows
Conscious Fashionistas, San Francisco
Adoria, Los Angeles
HopeintheCity, Los Angeles -LA Fashion Week

Charis Anna Bourgeois
Shpetim Zero- LA Fashion Week
Shekhar Rahate- LA Fashion Week
Aldolfo Sanchez- LA Fashion Week
Salvatore Salamone- LA Fashion Week

Shasta Regional Medical Center
Enjoy Magazine
Rolling Hills Casino
MD imaging

MacBeth- Simpson University

Jesse Rosten
Amy Brown
Elise Gabriel
Lyn Rosten
Aric Yeakey

Jermaine Jackson "Old Skool with Terry and Gita"
Kim Kardashian "Old Skool with Terry and Gita"
Tony Hale- "Not That Funny"-post production
Haley Michelle Ramm- “Into the Wild”, “X-men”, “Flightplan”, “Youre’s, Mine, and Ours”
Terry Moore Hughes- “Old Skool with Terry and Gita” VH1
Gita Hall- “Old Skool with Terry and Gita” VH1
Nan Strait- Emmy nominated producer for “Top Chef”
Mikel Jollett- Lead singer of “Airborne Toxic Event”
Steven Chen
Noah Harmon
Anna Bullbrook
Darren Taylor
Jeremy Edwardson
Randy Miller
Steven Tracy
Zach Condon


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